make money with binary options

How to make money with binary options?

The whole truth, and all you wanted to know about binary options and online trading: is it really possible to make money and work with online trading? It 'easy or difficult? What are the "pros and cons" of this activity? In this article the situation.

My knowledge of the world of trading and binary options is growing day by day, and then I decided to create an article in which explain, once and for all, how to make money with binary options, or better explain, to those who want to start trading online, what is the truth and how we must prepare.

Just as it does for those who want to start making money with a blog, even in the world of forex trading and binary options, you have to forget the easy money: no one gives money, and there is no magic method that lets you earn without study and work hard.

So here are the top three tips that I want to offer you if you really want to make money with binary options:

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Begins to study the financial markets (and especially the technical analysis): if you are not prepared and informed about market developments, macroeconomic news, and if you will not know analyze charts, make money with binary options is really impossible. There are two books on Amazon dedicated to the technical analysis of financial markets, the first costs a little less than 54 Euros (Technical analysis of the financial markets. Methodologies, applications and operating strategies), the second is a little less than 20 Euros (the Guide technique. Principles, tools and methods to understand the financial markets). Both have very positive feedback / reviews, I ordered the second to get to know more deeply the topic. Training is essential in every field, if you want to become a professional trader, my advice, before starting to work, is to study and understand how this world, but fascinating at the same time very dangerous (in fact, remember that it is high-risk investments).

Choose the right Broker: this is also an aspect not to be underestimated for those who want to start trading with binary options. The platform will be using will have a central role in your path and on your investments: in addition to various bonuses and various promotions is very important to know the reliability of the broker, the possession of the Consob, customer support, training that you will be given and professionalism. For example, I started with Option 24 (click here to visit the home page 24 Option), you can also read my article 24 Option: Binary Options Broker regulated. Learn how to use the platform of choice: it is essential become familiar with the platform we chose to do online trading. To make confident we can take advantage of the demo account that is offered to us today by many platforms: due to the account demo we can gain experience without risking our money. Because everyone wants to trade with binary options? Binary options are increasingly sought and used because they are a simple and intuitive tool: trading with binary options has advantages and disadvantages, and below we will deepen these aspects.

Binary options: tips for beginners

We decided to create a bulleted list with some practical tips for beginners who want to operate with binary options, here they are!

Studying before you start trading

Open a demo account before depositing real money and begins to experience / know the platforms

Informed (not online, but also with books and manuals)

Side by side or contact professional traders and follow their webinars / their operations

Do not be fooled if someone offers easy money

Never go against the trend when working with binary options: with binary options you have to follow the primary trend.

Money Management and Management of emotions

We have to stay ahead of the trading platform for up to two hours and set itself the objectives according to their portfolio. You can have all the techniques that you want, but first of all you will need to have some discipline to be able to properly operate.

The maximum gain targets should be double your maximum loss. Eg. Budget of maximum loss = 100 € / Budget of € 200 maximum winnings.

If you trade to make easy money forget it: you have to work with the brain to be able to get consistent results over time. The first thing to do is have a good money management plan and to be respected: if you do not respect your rules let it be trading.

  • Decide how much you can afford to lose
  • Find your daily income goal (usually twice the loss)
  • Do not stay for more than 2 hours in front of the platform
  • If you can not abide by these rules:
  • What are binary options?

    Binary options are a derivative that allows anyone to work on the major financial markets: using binary options it is possible to do on forex trading (or currencies), commodities, equities (stocks) indices.

    With binary options, traders can buy options on commodities such as Gold, Silver, Wheat, Copper, Coffee, ... of actions such as those of Google, Apple, Facebook, .... Couples or on currencies like EUR / USD, GBP / JPY, ...

    Binary options expire in profit or loss depending on the development of the price of the asset: the forecasts are carried out by analyzing the economic calendar and graphs, using indicators such as the MAC, the moving average, the Stochastic, Bollinger Bands ( Bollinger Bands), ... (for this suggestion it is to study and formation on technical analysis).

    Here are some terms you will encounter once entered the world of binary options:

  • Asset: This term indicates a share, an index or a commodity
  • Cross: This term generally means a pair of currencies (eg. EUR / USD)
  • High / Low options: in this case you have to indicate whether the price of the asset at maturity will be higher or lower than the initial
  • range options: the trader indicates if the asset price is enclosed within a price range
  • Touch / no touch: you have to indicate if the asset price will touch or not, by the deadline, a price initially defined

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    Warning: Trading is a high-risk activities and not a game of chance. The contents of this website are not an incentive to make speculative trading, please note that by trading puts you at risk its own capital.