The Best Books For Trading In Binary Options

List Books For Trading In Binary Options

list books binary options

Here I share with you a list of some books available on the market that can help you develop your knowledge and skills in binary options. Unfortunately as it is a relatively new market in the Spanish-speaking, the best books are in English.

However I have taken the task of investigating what the professionals in the field more thing you can learn from experience or qualified experts for their years of studies experts. Warning: If you are looking for online "binary options" find many digital books that are not written by professionals in the field, but simply people looking for your advertising traffic sites.

My recommendation is to investigate very thoroughly before consuming the author information. The list that I share with you has been investigated to guarantee you the best there is.

Here I review each of them so that you have a general knowledge of the subject matter:

The author is a professional in the field. In his long career experience and has published many books on financial topics and binary options is concerned. In this book you will find a complete compendium from the basics to advanced. I'll show you a list of everything you can learn here:

  • What are the binary options
  • History of Binary Options
  • Regulations regarding binary options market
  • Unregulated platforms
  • regulatory authorities Binary Options
  • Features of binary options
  • Demonstrations accounts for binary options
  • Best Binary Options available to you
  • Difference between market and invest
  • Behavior or investor mentality
  • Types of Binary Options There
  • Important points when you market with Market Indices
  • Factors of technical analysis
  • Factors of fundamental analysis
  • How to choose an agent or operator reliable
  • Upward trending markets
  • Markets downward trend
  • Market volatility
  • binary options on currencies
  • binary options on shares
  • binary options market indices.
  • That is an Action Plan
  • Keep track of your operations

  • Glossary with basic definitions used in relation to language Binary Options
    Technical Analysis of Financial Markets by

    John J. Murphy

    This work is 100% is Spanish language and is considered the bible of technical analysis both by professional traders as by international organizations.

    If your decision is to take this business as a professional or get started as an operator this is the basis of all book.

    Some of the skills you learn in this book are:

    Philosophy of technical analysis: how to get forecasts, economic forecasts, Random Walk theory, and Universal Principles. Dow Theory: basic principles, use of the closure and the presence of lines, and values ​​as economic indicators. Construction of charts: candlestick charts, bar graphs, open interest on futures, weekly and monthly charts bar. Trends Basics: definitions, support and resistance lines, trend lines, fan principle, the channel line, kicks, days of change, etc. Models major change: prices, large volume, dishes and spikes. Continuity models: symmetrical, ascending, descending triangles, flag and flags, rectangular formation divergences. Volume and open interest: Interpretation of the volume for all markets, recruitment net positions, open interest in options. Moving Averages: Bollinger bands, Fibonacci numbers, moving averages long and short term. Dot plots and figures: The horizontal features, pricing models, measurement techniques and negotiating, advantages of dot plots and figures. Candlestick: candlestick charts, candlestick pattern analysis, examples. Elliot wave theory: historical background, corrective waves, the rule of alternation, channeling, and setbacks Fibonacci ratios, Elliot waves applied to values. time cycles: cycles dominant as isolate cycles, seasonal cycles, the January Barometer, the presidential cycle. Monetary management: the three elements of recruitment, reward-risk ratio, market profile.

    Option Strategy Risk / Return Ratios: A revolutionary new way to optimize, tune and trade any Strategy
    April 22, 2014 By Brian Johnson

    Posted by Brian Johnson an expert in what high-risk investments are concerned, it has a long history communicating your message to others already on their books and seminars on how to create effective strategies with options and market indicators. Brian developed a new way of how to analyze, measure and take part using techniques that can generate income using options. Obviously its long history and knowledge on the subject options and its extensive experience in all matters relating to management of an investment portfolio. Brian is considered a genius for creating special instruments to take advantage of the gains from options. If we compare the other tools that exist for options with new instruments Brian, you can see that it has created a revolution of technical analysis that will allow you to invest in options does not matter as the market at that time. Brian knew the importance of technical and fundamental to make an objective by investing decision analysis. This led him to see how to create an instrument that would consolidate the two analyzes both the technical and the fundamental. There were many attempts to do so in the past, but none were mainly due to the way of processing information from operators and agents. It is a practical guide where you will find some familiar indicators and the basic concepts of proper money management. In its business Investment Funds Brian showed his knowledge to reach the goal of more than 12 million in assets for its customers. We are talking about a figure sought by many investors for its advisory services in matters of investment options.

      Simple Formulas Option Trading: Step-By-Step Strategies Used By Elite Option Traders Paperback
    January 2, 2014 by Billy Williams

    This book is for those who are really interested in learning about options to achieve their goals and want to learn how to find opportunities that do make money in different markets. If you want to develop a source of money is constant and you can provide financial freedom. A source of income that allows you retire from the comfort of your home. For these and many other reasons. The author explains how his experience in publications specializing in futures and options operations have helped him realize the enormous potential of income that can be done if you acquire the knowledge necessary to become an expert. If they do not acquire the skills necessary to invest in options can be risky for you. Let me show you some of the concepts that you will see in this book: You will discover the basic concepts when investing in options You know the indicators that will help you see where the opportunities are How to develop strategies that will allow returns of 100% or more. You will learn how the professionals out an operation avoiding further losses. Find new investment opportunities from thousands of options available in the market.


    The Options Playbook, Expanded 2nd Edition: Featuring 40 strategies for bulls, bears, rookies, all-stars and everyone in between. Hardcover - September 11, 2009 by Brian Overby The author Brian Overby more than all the objective of getting the truth about all the myths that refer to this market was proposed.

    Through an entertaining and easy to understand language sets for all technical knowledge used by the professionals.

    The book shows you what is known as the community for beginners, offering key issues, definitions and tips or keys that every trader must master to succeed in this market. It also has another community for experts specially designed to take the business to the next level. Particularly a book well worth reading for its contents prepared for all interested in investing in these attractive markets.

    If you're the type of person who likes to immediately implement what you learn then this is the book for you.

    Introduction to Options: The Basics (The Best Option Strategies Book 0) by Mark D Wolfinger super simple introductory book for new to this area. Collects both fundamentals and technical easily. The author throughout his career and experience in the education sector helped him understand what was the easiest and quickest way to become an expert in the field. For this reason he developed a series of books from volume 0 where recommended start and then go climbing as you're practicing and learning. According to the author one of the keys to their success was the proper mindset to invest. This is a type of investment that move often by emotions, for that reason have adequate and clear mind is essential to take appropriate when options to buy or sell decisions. This book is a small taste of the investment company stock options traded on American markets especially. Most probably will not be very common words used in this business. Thinking about this problem the author tries to communicate his message as clear and simple as possible through the book and exposes a section only to clarify all these technical terms used by professionals and experts. It is study is important, but much more fundamental is the practice explains the author. If your goal is to earn good profits, it is very important that you take advantage of the free tools that exist to practice first to develop what is known feeling of security. The author now invites us to provide a proven and gradually go creating the passion necessary expertise that has developed over the years.

      Getting Started in Advanced Optionsby Michael C. Thomsett

    Mr. Michael C. Thomsett is author and consultant on financial matters since 1984. This is an instructive for both beginners and experts in the field. Michael Thomsett is known for his bestseller "Your First Steps In Options" and many other books on topics in options, futures, stocks and stock markets. Through this practical guide the author want to get your message across without so many technical words and many illustrations as you too can be a specialist in the options markets. This full color images, tables and graphics perfectly designed to be understood even by the less experienced.

    This way of showing the general public this information makes it more fun to learn and discover all the possibilities that exist (strategies, indicators, markets, etc.) Some topics that will find: Strategies in Volatile Markets Creative Way to Manage Risk Acquire intelligent positions Effective leverage both options and futures. Options Market indexes How to track your operations Taxes and options. How to find investment opportunities These and many other issues will find in the book that will be of your liking.

      Understanding Options by Michael Sincere

    This edition shows the pillars that you as an investor should know.

    The author Michael Sincere is the author of numerous books on investing and trading in financial markets, including his bestseller "Understanding Options" (Understanding Options) published by McGraw-Hill recognized. This 2015 just released his new book "Prepare Now and Survive the bear markets".

    Some of the concepts you'll find in this book are:

  • How to buy call options
  • How to buy put options
  • Advanced and Intermediate Strategies
  • final Thoughts
  • Michael Sincere is also a columnist for MarketWatch publication of financial issues and market trends.


    To conclude I have shared with you as the saying goes "lean meat" of what has information continues to be concerned. Only with these books have more than you need to develop your skills as an investor expert binary options. It is not necessary that you study all three or only two of them have more than enough to know more than 80% of average investors.